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Porsche Restoration

Porsche is perhaps one of the most sensuous sports cars the world has ever seen. Everything about these cars is seductive. With curves to dies for, this manufacturer has come up with a series of supermodel cars. The smooth and curvy design of Porsche can get damaged, especially is the one you own is a […]

Classic Car Restoration

The new-age automobiles can never compare to the likes of classics. Classic cars have a certain legacy and heritage attached to it. In case you are experiencing wear and tear on your classic machines then give us a call. SoCal Paint Works brings to you the finest Classic Car Restoration services. We will pamper your […]

Automotive Restoration

SoCal Paint Works is a specialist when it comes to Automotive Restoration. Our emphasis is both – customer satisfaction and great value for money. It is our policy of no compromise over quality that has allowed us to be one of the market leaders in what we do. The entire process of restoring an automotive […]

Muscle Car Restoration

Are you an owner of a Muscle car? Then only you know how important it is to keep these beasts in their prime shape. Driving a car that can deliver and look much better than it actually is doing can be quite embarrassing and this can also kill the entire thrill attached to it. But […]

Ford Mustang Restoration

Nothing beats the feel of a muscle car, especially if it’s a beast like the First Generation Ford Mustang. Everything about these true American automobiles is a pure pleasure. They look seductive and have the most gorgeous rims. And let’s not even get into the details of the engine roar. To this date, this generation […]

Chevy Restoration

Do you own a classic Chevy but don’t know where to get fantastic restoration services at some of the most affordable rates? Well folks, you need to worry no more! Here at SoCal Paint Works, we bring to you restoration services for all your Chevrolets that will make them look as good as new. Also, […]