Automotive Restoration

SoCal Paint Works is a specialist when it comes to Automotive Restoration. Our emphasis is both – customer satisfaction and great value for money. It is our policy of no compromise over quality that has allowed us to be one of the market leaders in what we do.

The entire process of restoring an automotive is very technical and you need to have sound knowledge and expertise if you are to pull it off effectively. Here at SoCal Paint Works, we have both – expertise and experience to provide you top notch services. If your car is demonstrating some issues of wear and tear then you need to worry no more! We will provide you top of the line services with the warmest of customer care.

All the spare parts and equipment used for this overhauling procedure is nothing but top quality, since we never rely on anything that is inferior in performance and durability. Once we are done with the automotive restoration, you will see the difference for yourself. We try our very best to provide you with services that will make your car as good as new. Contact us today to see the difference.