Do I have to leave a deposit when I leave my car?
No. SoCal Paint Works is pay as you go. Each week you will evaluate the work on your car and pay accordingly. We don’t believe in paying for work not yet done on your car.
Do you Accept Insurance Claims?
Yes. We know it’s sometimes difficult to find a repair shop for early model repairs. We have experience in dealing with the complexities of insurance companies when it comes to early model cars whether they have been restored or not.
Do I need to make an appointment to bring my car in?
No. Our normal business hours are from 8AM to 5PM, but we can work with you if you need to come in after normal hours. We are also open most Saturdays from 8AM to 12PM.
Is there a fee to have my project evaluated?
No. We will evaluate your project for free. If your vehicle is inoperable then we can make arrangements to come see it.
Can I see the progress and make payments without coming to the shop?
Yes. Many of our customers are very busy or are out of state and can’t come by the shop. We can email invoices to you along with being able to view your project on our site.
Can I stop by whenever I want and take pictures of my project?
Yes. Here at SoCal Paint Works we have an open door policy. You can stop by anytime you like, during normal business hours, to check on the progress of your project and take pictures if you like.

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