About SoCal Paint Works restoration


Our process ensures a high quality and long lasting paint job. At So Cal we believe the most efficient and cost saving way to build a car is by not cutting corners. Restoring a vehicle is fun, but it’s also a long process and cutting corners will cost you in the end.

We not only work to bring classic cars back to life we are also dedicated to being an active member of the car club community as well as being devoted to the preservation of automotive history. We offer tours, set up “how to” seminars, and Tech FAQ sessions here at our shop for many car clubs and are an active associate member of the Car Club Council of Greater San Diego. Please keep us in mind for your next club meeting or activity.


We prefer to evaluate your restoration project from the beginning, so don’t wait until you’ve finished the mechanical to come see us!


We are fully licensed and carry Restorer and Builder Insurance through Grundy Insurance.

SoCal Paint Works is a member of the Hagerty Insurance Expert Repair Network and is authorized to complete estimates and repairs for Hagerty Insurance.

We have restored many projects that were started incorrectly. Unfortunately, up to a third of the vehicles in our shop, at any given time, are re-dos. If you need guidance with your project, give us a call and we’ll help you in any way we can!